At me moringa, good health starts with you and me.

Our Story

At me moringa FOR LIFE™ we believe when you feel well, anything is possible!

Our story begins with debilitating inflammation and a medical diagnosis our daughter Margo was unwilling to accept. So she changed her diet, became a strict vegan and began researching—and supplementing with—powerful superfoods. Among them was a little known super tree called Moringa Oleifera that grows in the subtropics; climates like Africa, Asia and South America.

A handful of studies reveals Moringa aka "miracle tree” possesses extraordinary nutrition—even more than matcha and spirulina—and is being tested in the world’s poorest countries to help combat malnutrition.

Margo shared her discovery with her friend Natasha, a food scientist and vegetarian, who was intrigued by Moringa’s impressive protein content. Margo opted for tea and supplements; Natasha added the powder to her smoothie game. Within a month, her swelling was markedly improved and within four months, it was gone. Equally encouraged, Natasha began experimenting with Moringa as a topical skincare treatment noting more hydrated, smoother, and vibrant skin.

The girls’ shared enthusiasm led their entrepreneurial fathers and pals to team up and identify the purest, most potent source of Moringa and make its extreme, whole food wellness benefits available to everyone. me moringa FOR LIFE™ is inspired by their daughters’ initiative, life-changing discovery, and the endless possibilities me moringa affords those in need.

We encourage you to give me a try and start living your healthiest—while helping others live theirs.

Our Mission

To create a ripple effect of well-being around the world by making the extraordinary wellness benefits of me moringa—from seed to leaves and everything in between—accessible to everyone.

Our Vision

To create life-changing wellness, environmental and economic opportunities in our world’s most vulnerable communities.

Our Values


We believe in wellness above all else, and that when you feel well, anything is possible.


We believe in creating products that promote tangible wellness and beauty benefits inside and out, while cultivating quality of life for those who touch our business.


We believe in growing, sourcing and manufacturing  our products responsibly, in ways that benefit our suppliers, employees, consumers and the environment.


We care about protecting and preserving the well-being of the Earth’s environment so that in turn it cares for future generations; we care about enriching the lives of those who have less; we care about making well-being accessible.

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