CBD oil (roll-on) with Moringa

Ease pain and sleep easy.

CBD oil is believed to possess a range of benefits including inflammation inhibiting properties from... arthritis, muscle soreness and tissue and joint pain. Studies also show that CBD oil may promote deeper sleep while discouraging symptoms of insomnia. When combined with the aromatic essences of USDA-certified Organic Moringa Oil, the combination may also contribute to feelings of calmness and a more restful sleep.

Diffusing: Diffusing is one of the safest ways to experience the benefits essential oils. Diffusers work by creating a fine mist that is released into air. Recommendation: Add 2-3 drops of essential oil in a small diffuser, 4-6 drops in a large diffuser. 

Topical Application: Potent and effective, a little goes a long way. Unlike our other essential oil combinations, CBD Roll-On and Moringa Oil with CBD do not require dilution. However, try the oil on a on a small patch of skin such as the inside of the elbow and watch for any undesirable reactions for the first 24 hours.